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Art: Decorative Art at Mission Avenue Studio July 31 2017

"Margo always loved mysteries.  And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe..."

 The above quote is from the writer John Green (author of 'The Fault in Our Stars') who would
surely have something to say about this delicate yet moody oil on canvas.

That is the wonderful thing about art; whether it is contemporary, impressionist or...

News: Let's Talk Pillows May 17 2017

Here at Mission Avenue Studio we use every bit of our resources to provide beautiful furniture for our customers. We are a resourceful company that takes care to not waste any of our materials. One thing we love to do with the fabrics we have, is create one of a kind pillows.

We love to recreate furniture to the way we like. We pick out high-end fabrics that we love,...

Design: A Queen Called Anne May 08 2017

Antique HQ tells us that, just like many famous artists today, the Queen Anne style was not popular until after the death of the Monarch.

The Queen was actually responsible for the tea drinking revolution in England.
"King Charles II, who ruled England in the seventeenth century, brought with him a Portuguese bride and a firm tea drinking tradition. As the king and queen...

Upholstery: Good, Better & Best January 20 2017


One of our favorite things about working with high end vintage furniture is the knowledge that it was made really well from the beginning.


This intrinsic value doubles when you know the workmanship behind superior upholstery.




Interior Design Blogger Leslie Hendrix Wood walks us through the finer details of the upholstery construction world with a finesse that really shows the value of...

News: Sarasota's Mission Avenue Studio updates good older furniture! October 31 2016


The furniture at Mission Avenue Studio has already stood the test of time. The staff there just helps it catch up with the current fashion.

Design: The Trend is Your Friend September 20 2016


Elle Decor discusses which home decor trends will define next year, and outlines winning colors we've been using for months...

When Elle Decor calls you a hot trend, you're a hot trend!

News: Kick off Fall this Labor Day Weekend... September 02 2016

Design: From Tired and Traditional To Midcentury Marvellous August 29 2016

David Yama, founder of Yamamar Design is an Architectural Designer with past projects in Tokyo and New York. In his latest project he takes a San Francisco home and creates a little magic tearing down walls to create a more open-plan space integrating their backyard. Before and...

Behind The Scenes: It's All Go at Mission Avenue August 17 2016

It's Wednesday, the workshop is busy and full of sound. The radio chatters and sings, barely heard beneath the roar of the paint booth and the upholsterers gun..

Pieces at every stage of their transformational journey form an ever moving labyrinth through the studio until, one Wednesday, they ship out to their respective new owners!


Design: Have you heard what's New with Blue? August 12 2016

 YInMn blue. We can't say it's name, but it has super hero properties we can't wait to use!

News: "Furniture with a Story" January 04 2016

This year consumers will be looking for accent pieces with bright colors, like yellow and silver, according to Somoza. "The monotone beiges and browns of the 1990s are gone with the wind,"

News: Thanksgiving at Mission Avenue Studio November 10 2015


As Thanksgiving approaches, here at Mission Avenue Studio we have been thinking about what this time of year means to us.


The traditional story of the Pilgrims and the Indians laying aside their differences and eating together celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for the fruit of the land...

Design: 6 Tips for Choosing Furniture for Your Home September 22 2015

SIX rules of thumb to make your redecorating experience a success...

Fresh Market Story: Not All Market Finds are Furniture.... August 10 2015

Today Borsalino collections are larger, and include the famous "Panama-Montecristi" straw hats as well as the original classic felt hat, here is the story of the Borsalino, our freshest market find!

Behind The Scenes: Sanding in Stages October 24 2014



Sanding is critical to the ultimate success of a furniture piece. A good sanding job can be as important to the finished result as the design or the joinery..

Design: How to Instantly Update Your Old Furniture June 25 2014




Furniture fashions come and go these days, but you can give your home a makeover without throwing it all out!

Studio Reality TV June 20 2014

So we've been really busy here at Mission Avenue Studio expanding our selling platforms and reupholstering and refinishing for new customers... and working on a Reality TV Show!

Here is our Pilot, you think Bravo and TLC will like it?!

News: Bernabe ~ A Recent Interview... May 19 2014

 Storytime... Bernabe tells us how it all begain..

White Glove Shipping - Shipping Direct to You April 29 2014




Mission Avenue Studio (Sarasota FL) offers white glove shipping - direct to you. What does "White Glove Shipping" mean?

Bold Designer Fabrics - How Bold Are You? April 28 2014



How bold are you?! Mission Avenue Studio (Sarasota FL) creates beautiful vintage reborn furniture that works for modern day living.


Take A Settee April 16 2014

Vintage reborn furniture is what Mission Avenue Studio (Sarasota FL) specializes in. Totally revitalized vintage and antique furniture can be found in our Sarasota FL warehouse. From settes to sofas to mirrors and everything in between, Mission Ave Studio brings new life to each piece we come in contact with. 
If you are looking for beautiful antique furniture you can't find...

Furniture that defines your individual taste April 10 2014

Define your individual taste. Furniture that defines you and your lifestyle available online and instore..

Does Your Style Reflect You? March 26 2014



Define your individual taste. Furniture that defines you and your lifestyle..

Recover and Revive March 13 2014

Mission Avenue Studio offers beautiful designer fabrics and cutting edge upholstery. Do you have a vintage piece you’d love to see recovered? Don’t throw that vintage piece away - consider how it would change your room with new fabric and provide you with a stunning result.
From the finest in down and fiber fillings, to the highest quality fabrics, Mission Avenue Studio provides...
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