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So the other day we had a meeting with a couple of new businesses we are working with, and one asked the owner Bernabe Somoza "Where did you get the idea for what you do? Just how did you evolve?"

Well Bernabe he always tells his story with enthusiasm and passion, here is what he had to say:

"I started out originally in antiques only. That is my background; I majored in art history and have an interest in antiques. Florida is great for antiques, but more than that there is a world of great pieces down here.
I kept going to auctions and seeing all this beautiful furniture and it would sell under value. I would ask the auctioneer and other buyers why no one seemed to want these beautiful one off pieces and they would tell me;
"This one has a broken foot, this piece weighs too much; it's real wood and heavy", no one wants to deal with these problems. There is a real high quality factor of pre-1980 furniture that is in a low state of desirability and no one wants to take the time to revitalize these pieces, even when the work is minimal.
There I saw an opportunity. Refinished, repainted and revitalized these pieces are beautiful and also highly valuable to the buyer.
Now this new product type has been accepted by the market and we are expanding. We've had over 1000 sales over four websites and our products are very popular. Additionally we refinish and reupholster for customers' own pieces and we are now evolving to make custom pieces."

There you have it! The real story of where we came from...

Check out Mission Avenue Studio for more!

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