Design: How to Instantly Update Your Old Furniture

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Furniture fashions come and go these days, but if you want to give your home a makeover, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money for new furniture. The new style to hit the scene is old furniture that has been painted or sanded to give it an updated and modern look. 

Refurbished furniture offers endless design options. This means a stylish and sleek look in your home. You can place pieces in every room that make a bold statement. If your home is loaded with old-looking furniture and you want to update your look, see a transformation right before your eyes with Mission Avenue Studio's fresh stylings. The difference is unbelievable. We can easily look at your cherished pieces and give them a complete face-lift that will fit the decor of your home. We offer a variety of colors and looks that will change your attitude about a basic piece of furniture. 

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Schedule an appointment with us to start the process of adding a bold color or new look to your corner table or bar stools in your kitchen. Once you show off your beautiful "new" treasures, everyone will ask where you bought them from. Try not to keep us a secret, but if you must, you can show others how easily we updated your beloved vintage piece!

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Refinishing adds dimension and depth to the design of a room. Rustic, modern, quaint, bold, luxurious, clean, every look is attainable and this trend of making old into new is hotter than ever in the furniture world!

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