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As Thanksgiving approaches, here at Mission Avenue Studio we have been thinking about what this time of year means to us.


The traditional story of the Pilgrims and the Indians laying aside their differences and eating together celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for the fruit of the land is a beloved framework for all Thanksgiving celebrations.


Traditions make Thanksgiving so special;  for some, seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or Charlie Brown and friends feasting on toast, jelly beans and popcorn on TV is the defining moment of Thanksgiving.  Some like to watch as many college football games as possible and even play some touch football in the backyard. For others the best part is waking up early the day after Thanksgiving - or sometimes not even going to bed! - to hit the Black Friday sales or go hunting. Some savor family meals by candlelight and others dress in funny costumes and eat outdoors. But everyone knows that the most important tradition celebrated at Thanksgiving is family, food and celebrating blessings together.

The most essential part of creating that most important tradition is the Thanksgiving table. It represents the gathering itself, the place where family and friends meet, often over great distances, to reflect on the year’s blessings.

It is this table, surrounded by loved-ones, with plates over-filled with favorite foods, that dominates memories of Thanksgivings past and causes anticipation every fall. 



'Evie and John Bunge often host her family for Thanksgiving, usually 16 to 20 people including their two grown children Hannah and Rick, her parents, Jeannie’s family and her brother Chuck with his family. The Bunges’ dining table itself was Evie’s grandmother’s — a drop leaf table that can seat 14 people easily. 


“I love to see the wood,” says Evie, who uses place mats rather than a tablecloth and sets the table with her family’s china. “We eat a very traditional meal.” The women in the family split the cooking duties, preparing turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, rice, broccoli and sweet potato casseroles, pumpkin and pecan pies. “

Evie attributes her love of natural table settings to her mother, Rosalyn, who she says does beautiful flower arranging. Evie’s favorite memory of Thanksgiving growing up is of everyone in the kitchen, cooking together. “Then, once the food was under control, Mom would hand a pair of clippers to me and one to Jeannie and tell us to go out and gather things outside to use for the centerpiece,” says Evie. “My mother always made sure we were not intimidated by making our own arrangements; you can use anything you find.” '

What is your definitive memory of Thanksgiving?

Check out our collection of tables here;
and enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Article written by Samantha Mills, with excerpts from Laura Owens Here

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