Behind The Scenes: It's All Go at Mission Avenue

Samantha Mills

It's Wednesday, the workshop is busy and full of sound. The radio chatters and sings, barely heard beneath the roar of the paint booth and the upholsterers gun..

Pieces at every stage of their transformation journey form an ever moving labyrinth through the studio until, one Wednesday, they ship out to their respective new owners!


Behind The Scenes: It's All Go at Mission Avenue

Here a beautiful Sheraton style settee is getting a leg fixed. Once it has been repaired, it will be refinished so the repair isn't even visible.

Old fabric will be stripped and it will have it's own styling session with a myriad of fabrics paired to see which direction we should take the piece.

Once those decisions are made it will move along to be toned or painted, before going on to upholstery.

Some pieces arrive in such reasonable condition that we list them for sale on our

Collections page

Here we price them a little lower, knowing that they are gems in the making but in need of some TLC, and offer them for sale with the added option of having us refinish it as you like! Get inspiration from something we've done before, or make it up yourself and we'll build on our brilliant original frames!


Behind The Scenes: It's All Go at Mission Avenue Behind The Scenes: It's All Go at Mission Avenue


The piece above has already had it's fabric picked out; a beautiful Kelly Wearstler fabric called Graffito... but don't tell anyone - it's a secret! To complement and soften the strong stark colors and lines of the fabric we kept the wood in it's natural walnut hues and added gold to the accents..


This chair has progressed all the way through the work shop. We decided to use these bold Lilly Pulitzer fabrics that really shake things up! They definitely bring energy to this brilliant French style frame.

Behind The Scenes: It's All Go at Mission Avenue

And so as the delivery team arrive, pack and leave with their truck of goodies, so the upholsterer lays down his gun, the paint booth is turned off and the building tangibly breathes out; another Wednesday is done!


Written by Samantha Mills

Mission Avenue Studios

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