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Antique HQ tells us that, just like many famous artists today, the Queen Anne style was not popular until after the death of the Monarch.

The Queen was actually responsible for the tea drinking revolution in England.
"King Charles II, who ruled England in the seventeenth century, brought with him a Portuguese bride and a firm tea drinking tradition. As the king and queen were tea drinkers, a novelty in England at the time, the tradition immediately became popular among the wealthy.

Tea replaced ale as the official beverage in England in very short order. When Queen Anne, a successor to King Charles II, chose tea over ale for her morning drink, she set a new standard in all of England. Also during the eighteenth century, tea became the customary drink with an evening meal to satisfy the hunger and thirst of those working during the Industrial Revolution."

- Revolution Tea

But how does all of this relate to furniture? Well with this new social tea drinking a need was created for small moveable furniture to accommodate impromptu gatherings. Thus the Queen Anne style was born; lighter and more feminine than other styles.


Mission Ave Spray Booth

So followed on furniture for the rest of the house that suited this new crafted style. Today the Queen Anne style is still popular. When it comes to restyled vintage pieces the elegant lines of this furniture make for a great marriage between contemporary and traditional, ideal for a room that's formal and fun. Queen Anne furniture is distinguished yet feminine. Keep an eye on our site for up coming Queen Anne pieces...

Like this one..


Example Room MAS

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