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You must have heard the saying "the trend, is your friend". Well for those of us with an eye on current fashions, nothing is more exciting than seeing industry leaders pick up on something stylish that you've been doing for a long time and champion it as a trend of the year! This is just what happened to us.

If you didn't know already (where have you been?!) Mission Avenue Studio has been re-styling these brilliant original midcentury pieces in a "cool blue" for some time now..

Here are a few on our site;

Design: The Trend is Your Friend 1 Design: The Trend is Your Friend 2
Design: The Trend is Your Friend 3 Design: The Trend is Your Friend 4

Elle Decor has declared this color a hot trend of 2017. "When paired with black and white accessories, robust teal and polished aqua enliven a minimalist [room]"

Design: The Trend is Your Friend 5

It's not the only one either, as a complimentary transition away from silver and gold, we have been using a color we mixed and called Smokey Ash. It's been hugely popular and it really cuts through grays and blacks in a sleek and modern way.

Here are a couple of the very stylish pieces we have in Smokey Ash;

Design: The Trend is Your Friend 6 Design: The Trend is Your Friend  7

Also named as a hot hot trend of 2017. "Rich color[s] like this dark gray.... Kick traditional style up a notch" 

Design: The Trend is Your FriendDesign: The Trend is Your Friend


Now this isn't the first time we've nailed the trends of Christmas future; back in 2013 we foresaw the upcoming yellow and grey of the season and sure enough it's been a big big hit ever since. Before that we took a fancy in fantastic Chinoiserie pieces and soon saw the turning tide in tastes for all things Asian and Bamboo.

Want to know the next big trends? Well that cat is still in the bag for now, but one things for sure, if you hear it here, you'll hear it first.


See the other trends Elle Decor says will "Define 2017" here;  (and yes you can find them for sale on our site!).

Written by Samantha Mills.


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