Upholstery: Good, Better & Best January 20 2017


One of our favorite things about working with high end vintage furniture is the knowledge that it was made really well from the beginning.


This intrinsic value doubles when you know the workmanship behind superior upholstery.




Interior Design Blogger Leslie Hendrix Wood walks us through the finer details of the upholstery construction world with a finesse that really shows the value of well made furniture.

She makes a fierce argument for understanding the value of good construction;


"Many people are not clear as to the difference between a [new] $1500 sofa and a [new] $20,000 sofa. Considering the upholstery in our homes is the comfort and support to our bodies and those of our children, parents and friends, understanding the difference between good, better and best is critical to make informed buying decisions today and for the future"


This is the premis of our curation when it comes to buying new vintage pieces of furniture. Yesteryear's $20,000 sofa may no longer look sharp, but it's innards have stood the test of time and will for another two generations or more.

She begins with outlining the importance of a solid wooden frame...

"Plywood frames are sturdy and fine under regular use - for a 10 year life span - but a hardwood frame will last forever no matter the usage, destined to become a fine antique to be passed down through the generations."

...and goes on to compare 8 way hand tied innersprings  "the gold standard for upholstery"  and pirelli webbing  "every upholsterer can work with Pirelli webbing".

Finishing with the good and better kinds of furniture padding  "common padding includes foam, coconut fibre, vegetal fibre, and other types of animal hair. Foam, or a combination of foam wrapped with dacron or down fall in the better category.."  and the best?

"Horsehair [is] considered the finest upholstery padding because it’s spring and durability are second to none. A seat stuffed with horsehair can last for centuries and when it’s time to re-upholster a piece stuffed with horsehair, it can usually be washed and re-used. It is the most expensive furniture fabric in the world and only a few factories in Europe are still producing it."


You can find more detailed information and other brilliant articles on her page from the link below;