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Video courtesy of Observer Media Group - Sarasota, Florida


SARASOTA MAGAZINE - Who's In Store: Mission Avenue's Bernabe Somoza

What’s old is new again at Mission Avenue Studio, a fledgling vintage furniture restoration business that’s the brainchild of former Houston art dealer Bernabe Somoza. “Every day is an adventure,” exclaims Somoza, a cancer survivor who moved to Sarasota to continue his recovery while one of his two sons, Carlos, attended IMG. “I thrive on this work—it gives me the will to live."...READ MORE 


HOUSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL - Mission Avenue Studio Offers 'Furniture With A Story'

One of the hottest interior design trends in 2014 will be "furniture with a story," according to Bernabe Somoza, owner of Mission Avenue Studio, which salvages vintage pieces of neglected or unloved furniture, revitalizing them with a modern twist. ...READ MORE